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Maryland Licenses Naturopathic Doctors

Naturopathic doctors may now be licensed to practice in Maryland. According to Dr. Emily Telfair, president of the Maryland Association of Naturopathic Physicians, "The law will lead to greater access for Marylanders to doctors who emphasize disease prevention, healthy lifestyles, and natural therapies. It will also enable consumers to distinguish between licensed doctors who meet extensive education and training requirements and others who call themselves naturopaths but do not meet the state's rigorous licensing standards." Emily has spoken at our study group meeting in the past.

Press articles about homeopathy from the web

Why do British universities still give 'scientific' credibility to homeopathy?
Next time he writes one of his "black spider memos", the Prince might like to think about one of the other converts to British homeopathy: President Yahyah Jammeh, the dictator-in-residence of the tiny West African state of Gambia.
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Behind the News: Sheelagh Behan, homeopath
The Irish Society of Homeopaths is 25 years old. As it marks its anniversary with an international conference, one member explains why she believes homeopathy is useful
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'Magic' vs science: Matter of choice
If you're feeling ill, the chances are you're making an appointment to see your general practitioner. But not Sandra Yates, a mother of two from Durban. She calls her homeopath first.
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Court wants to know why prisoner denied homeopathy books
The Delhi High court asked the Delhi government to contact the Mumbai Central Jail authorities and get a reply on why a prisoner, who has been incarcerated there, was not provided books required for a course on homeopathy.
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The quacking of homeopaths and other 'alternative' therapists is growing even louder
The proponents of "alternative medicine" often make claims that are testable and therefore falsifiable -- and yet no amount of testing and falsifying convinces these sectarians that what they believe is nonsense. But why do governments and medical professionals still buy into quack therapies -- including the oldest and stupidest of them all, homeopathy?
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Suffering From Allergies? There's An App For That
The Boiron Homeopathic Medicine Finder helps users find the best homeopathic medicine in just three clicks. It's great for individuals having a tough time narrowing down their particular symptoms and finding a solution that suits all their needs.
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Labels on unproven homeopathic products need stronger warning
A homeopathic therapy is being promoted to parents as an alternative to vaccines, but Health Canada's label on the products fails to warn that it has no proven effectiveness, the Canadian Paediatric Society says.
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